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Google offers a huge variety of absolutely free tools to help bloggers and Webmasters to enhance their website’s SEO, improve productivity, make money, and countless so many other benefits with the amazing Google tools.

In this article, we can show you some of the great free Google tools that each WordPress blogger to use.

1. Google Analytics:


Google Analytics is extreme comprehensive analytics Google tool for internet website Administrators and bloggers. It shows you how your site visitors found and observed your website, what they checked and looked out, and how they interacted together with your website.

All these facts support your plan and execute a content strategy that addresses the need for your target audience at the same time supporting you acquire your commercial business dreams.

Track the instructions in our learner’s guide on How to install Google Analytics in WordPress without any problems.

2. Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools):


Do you want to identify how Google sees your website pages? Start the usage of Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster tools).

Google Search Console is another free Google tool. It’s a complete and most comprehensive set of tools that you may use to improve your search ratings.

It can help you discover which keywords from your website are ranking better and higher, which keywords are clicked more regularly, and more.

You can submit the XML sitemap to Google a good way to assist Google to find out and crawl your website better.

Most essentially, Google will notify you when there are difficulties indexing and crawling contents from your website. Google can even display your errors and warnings with suggestions on How to solve them.

This massive wealth of records or information is a must-have thing for all bloggers.

See our tutorial that how to add your WordPress site to google webmaster tools.

3. Google Custom Search:


The default WordPress search is almost scary and useless. With huge contents to your blog, you need to provide users a good tool to search your website.

You have two alternatives or options. You can either use a premium WordPress search plugin, like SearchWP, or you can add Google’s custom search to your WordPress site.

Adding Google’s custom search is simple, and you can plan it to absolutely blend in on your site.

See our tutorial that how to add Google search in a WordPress site for step by step commands.

4. Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag manager

Most popular bloggers use more than one Analytics solutions and tracking tools to enhance their websites. Google Tag Manager is another free Google tool.

Those tools require you to add custom code to your WordPress web page. Each of these custom code snippets essentially loads an external script and it’s a pain to manage all of them.

Google tag manager solves this problem by way of allowing you to manage all your external monitoring and tracking codes from one dashboard. You only need to add one Google tag manager snippet on your website after which you can manage the rest from tag manager dashboard.

For more clarification and instructions see our tutorial on how to install and setup Google tag manager in WordPress.

5. PageSpeed insights:

Google Page Speed Insights

Website speed is one of the most important factors in user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). PageSpeed insights help you find out how your website ranks in terms of speed, and what you can do to enhance it.

It shows you the results for both desktop and mobile. Dividing them into different sections. Every section will show you how different resources and practices are slowing down your site.

You could use one of the most useful caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, and install MaxCDN to boost your website.

6. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool:


A huge number of search traffic produce from mobile devices. Google is actively searching to enhance the mobile user experience. Because of this mobile-friendly websites may be prominently showed in mobile search.

The mobile-friendly tool permits you to check your website for mobile willingness. WordPress site owners can make their websites mobile-friendly without any difficulty by way of using a responsive WordPress theme.

In case you don’t want to change the theme then you could make your WordPress site mobile friendly with WPTouch Pro.

7. Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

Google Adwords Keyword

If you want to know that what users are searching for? Google AdWords offers the insights into searches for promoters and advertisers with the keyword planner tool.

Google AdWords is another free amazing and powerful Google tool. Using this helpful tool, you could generate a list of keywords related to your blog and notice which keywords are more frequently searched.

Keyword planner tool can also help you generate new blog post ideas, plan content methods and strategy, and even run your own advertising and marketing campaigns using Google AdWords.

8. Google Insights + Trends:

Google Insights & Trends

Google insights suggest tools to provide you insights into search. You can use Google Trends, Google Correlate, and Google Consumer Surveys to get the information and data you need.

Just simply enter any search term and see how it trends over time. You can compare unique and different keywords to see how user interest established or gone those topics.

You could even emphasis on a geographic area to narrow it down.

9. Google My Business:


Google my business permits you to add information without any difficulty about your commercial business in Google. It will assist Google to display your business records and information when a user searches for it.

Google may also show your business to others Google products like Google maps, Google Places, locations, and many others.

In case you offer services or run a store, then Google my business is somewhat you can’t forget. It does not only improve your brand’s visibility in search, it will additionally bring you a lot of potential customers and leads.

10. Google Docs, Slides, Form, Calendar, Gmail:

Google Documents

Google additionally gives a variety of productivity apps for both desktop and mobile customers and users. Those apps contain Google Docs, sheets, slides, Forms, drawings, and many others.

The principle advantage of the usage of Google’s productivity apps is the clean and easy sharing at the internet with complete privacy control, unlimited revisions, real-time collaboration, inline comments, without having to hit the save button.

You could also get Google Apps for Work and get some of these or all apps to work together with your own branded email accounts, user control, and merged apps on your own business.

You could additionally embed those documents inner your WordPress blog posts. See our tutorial that how to embed pdf, spreadsheets, and other documents in WordPress.

11. Google Drive:

Google Drive

Google Drive is another free and good Google tool. All of your Google Docs files are saved on your Google Drive. Every Google account comes with 16GB of free online storage. You can use this storage to keep any documents you need and share them across all of your devices.

You can connect Google Drive to your WordPress media library for smooth and easy file sharing. Google Drive is also an excellent place to save your WordPress backups.

12. Google Photos:

Google Photos

Google images give you free unlimited storage for your pics. If you decide to keep your photos in original quality, then it will use your Google Drive storage. For simply $1.99 for a month, you can also buy a 100GB storage.

What this indicates is that you’ll never have to delete any picture. All your pix might be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage. You could share without any difficulty these images or download them whenever you want.

You can use the same or single Google account from all your devices.

13. Google Maps:


Google maps are the best way to embed interactive maps everywhere on the web. There are some brilliant Google maps plugins for WordPress which allow you to easily create stunning maps and insert them on your WordPress site.

There are endless things you may do with Google maps in WordPress. If you are running a travel blog, then you could add interactive beautiful tour maps in WordPress with points of concern indications or markers.

14. Google Alerts:


Do you want to get rapidly notified when you or your brand name is declared on the internet? For this just create a Google alert for your brand name or keywords and get on the spot email notifications when they perform on the web.

Google Alerts is an essential tool to use for structure a robust brand image. You will possibly get a variety of useless alerts from content aggregators, however once in a while, you will get alerts which you couldn’t afford to oversight.

15. Google Keep:


The very best way to save your blog post ideas well organized is to jot them down in personal notes. Google Keep allows you to quickly and effectively save your pictures, notes, audio notes, lists, and drawings.

It will sync up on almost all of your devices, and you could use it with the one or same Google account that you use for email, pictures, documents, and for everything.

16. Google Fonts:


Typography performs an essential role in design layout and usability. Google fonts are the excellent place to search for free fonts that you could use on your creativities and projects.

In fact, Google fonts not only allows you to download and use these fonts, you can also embed or insert them on your websites and serve them directly from Google’s servers.

See our guide that how to add or upload Google fonts in WordPress themes for more details.

17. Google Hangouts:


Google hangouts offer your voice and video calls, messaging, and even group calls. It’s an ideal for conference calls with your friends, colleagues, and authors, even running a webinar, or simply having a casual conversation with family and friends.

The usage of hangouts on air, you can broadcast exclusively live conversations to the world. See our tutorials that how to add a live Google hangout session in WordPress and how to add a Google hangouts countdown in WordPress.

18. YouTube:

Google YouTube

YouTube isn’t only a video web hosting provider, it’s also the second most famous search engine on an internet. Billions of users are searching out video content on YouTube all the time.

Videos are the most attractive and engaging form of content than textual content. We always advise our users not to add their videos in WordPress, rather we advise or recommend them to upload or host it on YouTube.

See our tutorial that how to easily insert or embed videos in WordPress without any difficulty.

There are also some great and valuable YouTube plugins for WordPress that could convert your blog into an addictive video website.

19. Google AdSense:

AdSence Google

Google AdSense is such kind of platform that connects bloggers with advertisers. It’s the very best way for bloggers to make short advertising revenue. Google counterparts your website with the most appropriate advertisers and handles the display of ads or commercials.

There are some superb WordPress plugins for ad management, which can help you to control and display Google ads on your website without problems.

Integrate Google AdSense together with your different revenue-producing programs and you can build a top earning blog in your niche without any problems.

See our guide on how to accurately add Google AdSense in WordPress.

20. Bonus Tools:

There are no doubt many more Google tools which are free and may be massively helpful to your WordPress blog. Some of them are:

Google Groups

Google Translate

Google News

Google Now

Google Bookmarks

Google is frequently launching new tools and services and most of them are available at free of cost or at a very reasonable fee.

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