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We already had discussed many times about Blogspot or WordPress. And for many reasons, I don’t like Blogspot because of its limitations of optimization for the search engines. There are so many different Blogspot search engine optimization courses that you may discover on the net, and many of them are related to just template enhancing or editing and all, but in WordPress.

So many free useful plugins make it so easier to optimize your blog in all respects. You can also use the following great plugin for SEO.

SEO plugins for bloggers: All in One SEO Pack 2017 for Blogger

If you are not using the above mentioned Blogspot SEO plugin, then the question is How to make blogger SEO friendly. I will try my best to discuss this Blogger Blogspot SEO in details.


How to Optimize Blogspot Posts For SEO: SEO for Blogger

Well dear Blogspot bloggers, I am not here to discourage my Blogspot friends. As an alternative, I am here to share some really cool google blogger SEO tips and tricks in an effort to help you to get better ranking in search engines. Blogspot is no doubt a free blogging platform, In my personal opinion it’s a preferred blog platform for newbie bloggers for blogging and learns the very basic fundamental concepts and ideas in blogging era.

The following is a step by step tutorial to creating and managing a blog on blogger platform.

Read this guide: How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

Google blogger is absolutely free and easy to use blogging or publishing tool. Many newbie bloggers start his or her blogging journey through Blogspot and then migrate at the world’s famous blogging platform WordPress due to the lake of official templates plugins, post SEO friendliness etc.

So right here I have collected some search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines for Blogspot blogs.

Blogger very useful Tips and tricks Blogspot SEO Tutorial

Blogspot SEO Tips and Tricks:

The very first thing which you need to keep in mind is: We can control OnPage SEO and as well as off page SEO. The fact is OnPage SEO is protected by you which consists article quality and how well properly it’s optimized for key-word and meta value for that article.

Format Blogger Post URL Link (Permalink):

Permalink no doubt plays a great role in search engine ranking of your post. There are some rules and guidelines which everyone must follow for Blogspot permalinks:

  • Maintain the number of characters in each post title to 50
  • Get rid of Stop words from permalink as an example a, an, the)

How to Optimize Blogspot Posts for SEO:

However writing a blog post, you have an option to edit the permalink. Just use it to edit your permalink and please avoid the stop words. An amazing best idea is just to use your keywords in your permalink. (don’t use many keywords and make it spammy). However writing your blog post, you will get the choice for your right panel to keep it automated Permalink or manual Permalink. Just pick out manual Permalink and edit it as per your wish.

Take a look at this screenshot as an example:


Keep The Keyword Density:

Keyword density is a crucial element for higher ranking. Too much less will lead to less ranking and bulk or be stuffing your keyword will lead to over optimization. I generally keep a ratio of 2% per post. Even though, you may pick keyword density to your blog post SEO, account to one which works best for you.

Publish articles in bearing to post title and contain necessary keywords within the post. By no means stuff keyword to administrate search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. But after finish your writing, you may inspect the entire post to discover suitable places wherein the keywords can be expertly inserted without disturbing readers.

Blogspot Proper Labels and Its Related Posts:

The label provides to the keyword density of the post. Labels have to be widened rather than putting them into the sole single narrow category. I will clarify this factor by an example. Bear in mind a scenario while you are posting about Google chrome and putting them into label windows software’s or browser.

Right here you may ignore keywords like chrome browser, Google chrome, etc. Which would otherwise add to the keyword density of the entire post. Labels additionally affect related posts widgets in blogger. And if there are such a lot of posts tagged with the similar labels, it would disturb the arrangement of articles in related posts.

Format Blogger Post Title:

Whereas we talk about BlogSpot SEO, no doubt post title performs a primary or major role. Blogger post title is commonly observed or followed by home page.

Have a close look the picture given below.


Right here the post title would be “City of (long-distance ) love“. But the name is protected inside the home page title ”Still in Berlin“, and it is too much harm to the SEO friendliness of the article title.

Right here is how to repair this. Go to blogger edit HTML > discover code section


And update it with

<b:if cond= ‘data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>





Now the specific pages may have post title itself.

Format Blogspot Images for SEO:

We’ve already posted a detailed article on pictures optimization for SEO and the very basis of optimization your photograph on Blogspot is by including alt tag and title tags in each image. In WordPress, this can be done without problems by the way of the use of plugins however in Blogspot, it requires to be done manually. You must insert them manually after importing every image.

Provide Meta Tags:

Meta tags are produced HTML tags used by search engines like Google and Yahoo to identify the title, description, and different details of a URL. They don’t have a lot have an effect on search as they were before, however, would make a minor impact on targeted keywords.

Provide Suitable Title, Description, and Footer Text:

The title, description and footer play a crucial role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of each blog. If you are targeting, few keywords then make definite that you comprised those keywords in the above-stated locations.

Nofollow External Links:

Nofollow is an HTML attribute identified on hyperlinks to block search engine benefit of external links in a site. In blogger, you may choose HTML section of the post window and add rel=”nofollow” attribute simply after URL to stop search engines like Google from crawling a particular hyperlink.

Format Comment Section:

The comment section must be no-followed and moderated to keep away from spam feedback. Try to contain the post keywords while you are answering to reader comments. This will additionally add up as much as the total keyword density of the post.

Since Google have included Google plus comment form with Blogspot I extremely advise you to enable it. This will make sure that you get higher social media collaboration and share for your post.

Blogspot is Google’s child blog platform, and in case you do it right possibly, you will be doing excellent concerning site visitors. Always acquire your primary right.

I am hoping this guide will give you a much better concept or idea about Blogspot SEO (Search Engine Optimization), however, my recommendations might be when you consider you’re geared up with blogging and had sufficient knowledge on Blogspot, it’s highly recommended to jump to WordPress.

Here are extremely helpful guides for WordPress, Which will surely help you to get started with WordPress.

Other Resources That should be helpful for you

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    1. Some of common SEO tips you can use.

      1. Add a keyword phrase to your website name.
      2. Add content to the site and search engine description slots.
      3. Use Your keywords in page titles and descriptions.
      4. Use keywords in Page URLs.
      5. Use keywords in H1 tags
      6. Write a blog post containing more than 500 words.

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