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Why Google Is So Popular:

Google is the ultimate used web search tool on the web today. It gets more than 3 billion online searches once a day. Google was made in 1997 by American PC researchers Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Since its created Google people made so many latest and modern developments in Google Search engine,

Google search

Today, numerous clients trust that Google is the speediest and most solid web search engine for so many motives. An investigation done in 2012 demonstrated that 69.5% of clients’ searches were finished utilizing Google.

Bing was at the 2nd place having 25% of users. Google is likewise the primary Search engine utilized on cell phones and tablets.

So many ultimate reasons for Google’s admiration. The Google website is exceptionally straightforward, loads so fast, simple and too much easy to use too. It gives users ultimate and authentic information results than other internet searchers like Bing and Yahoo.

It’s no doubt Google Search engine is the best search engine in the world.

How to Add Google Search in WordPress:

WP google search

Friends do you want to use Google search on your WordPress web page? Even though WordPress originates with a built-in search function, it is not excellent. That’s why many website administrators add Google website search on their WordPress site.

In this text, we will show you how to easily add Google search on a WordPress site without any problems.

Why Should Use Google Search for WordPress?

The default WordPress search function is not very helpful. It usually flops to find the related results. This is very annoying and forces website owners and administrators to look for alternatives.

A lot of search plugins for WordPress like SearchWP, Swiftype, and so many others. But the problem is, you still have to manage them, and they will have an effect on your server resources.

Alternatively, you could use Google’s dependable and powerful search function in its place. It is free, permits you to limit the search for your websites only, and can be run from your own website.

Other advantages of using Google search are speed, users already trust with Google brand.

Readers let’s see how you can effortlessly add Google website search on your WordPress site.

Read our step by step tutorial on how to add Google search in a WordPress site:

First Method: Adding Google Search in WordPress with plugin

The first technique is easier and recommended for learners and newbies. It allows you to add Google search to your WordPress site without changing or modifying any of your theme files.

The very first thing you need to do is to install and activate the WP Google Search plugin.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin (Step by Step Beginner’s Tutorial).

After the plugin activation, go to Settings » WP Google search setup the plugin.

The plugin will tell you to provide a Google search engine ID. At this time you will get its ID for the proper working of your plugin.

Just visit Google Custom Search site and click on “New Search Engine” link at the left side.

Google custom search setting

Just provide your WordPress site’s exact URL in “Sites to Search” field. And secondly, you also need to select the language of your website. Ultimately, click on the create button to continue.

Right at this time Google will create your custom search engine and will show you a success message with links to advance actions. You must click on the control panel button to editing your search engine.


This action will take you to the control panel to your custom search engine. Right here, first you need to click on the “Search Engine ID” button and just copy your search engine id key.

search engine id

Secondly, you need to click on the “Look and Feel” section. Exactly under the layout tab, select results only.

Look and Feel

Once you are finished, click on the save button at the bottom of the web page to save your recent changes.

Right here go back to the WordPress site. Paste here the already copied the search engine ID within the WP Google Search’s settings page and then click on the save changes button to save plugin settings.

After this procedure, you must visit Appearance » Widgets page. Here you will see WP Google Search widget within the listing of available widgets. Just with the action of drag and drop the widget to a sidebar at where you need to display the search form.

appearence widget

After that click on the saves button to save your widget settings.

Right now go to your website to see the search form in proper working condition.


Second Method: Manually adding Google search in WordPress site:

This technique requires making some changes or adjustments to your WordPress theme. It isn’t always recommended for newbies. First, make sure to back up your WordPress site prior than making any changes in your theme files.

Visit Google Custom Search site and click on New Search Engine link at the left side.

Google custom search setting

Just mention your WordPress site’s URL in “Sites to Search” field. Next, you need to select the desired language of your website. Finally, click on the create button to continue.

Google will now create your custom search engine and could display you a success message with links for additional actions. You need to click on the “Get Code” button to go ahead.


On the next display screen, you’ll see a few code in a text area. It’s required to copy this code.

For this next step, you’ll need an FTP client like FileZilla to upload WordPress files.

Just connect to your website using FTP and then visit the following

/wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/ folder

Just exchange your current or active theme folder with the name of your present theme.

Find the searchform.php file to your WordPress theme folder. First, download this PHP file in your laptop and after that open it in a simple text content editor like notepad.

Simply delete all contents of the document and paste your Google custom search engine code. After that save the document after which upload it to back to your WordPress site using your FTP client.

After pasting your Google custom search code, visit appearance » widgets to pull and drop the search widget into your sidebar.

appearence widget

Then click at the save button to save your widget settings.

Visit your website to see the Google search in action.

We are hoping this article assisted you to learn how to add Google search in a WordPress site.

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