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Finally, a unique WordPress tutorial is here which is the most Exclusive Edition of SEOEZY where you will acquire knowledge of a way to create and setup your stunning WordPress blog. This WordPress tutorial is exclusively for new bloggers who need to setup and manage their blog at the world’s best WordPress platform.
And, for WordPress blogger user, I have additionally listed some professional recommendations which you need to start enforcing proper now to make your WordPress blog more professional.

So, this WordPress tutorial will clearly show you the most important things that you will find the best for your WordPress blog:

  • How to buy good web hosting and a domain name for your WordPress blog or website.
  • Basic and essential things to set up and configure after installing WordPress.
  • Things which you need to do immediately after the basic WordPress configuration (step by step guide with pictures).
  • WordPress plugins that you must need to install and the way to set them up.
  • Professional suggestions to make your WordPress blog rank better in search engines.
  • Basic and Essential SEO for your WordPress blog.

You may have your WordPress blog up and drift in just 10 minutes with the help of this WordPress tutorial.

First Step to Creating Your WordPress Blog

The primary thing which you need to do to create a WordPress blog is to buy a web hosting and a website domain name.

  • Web-hosting is in which your files are saved.
  • The domain is the name of your blog.

You can also buy the web hosting from different trusted web host providers like Dreamhost, Bluehost, Hostgator, or just try a free hosting without any cost Hostinger (free Hosting) and many others which come with a free domain name and most costs effective price month for limitless web hosting space and bandwidth.

Just Remember: Free hosting is not a good idea for professional blogging but you can use free hosting just for a try. You can use this option for testing purpose only before buying a good hosting.

Also, this process will take only five minutes and here is a manual that will help you. Click on the given link and get a hosting package deal now.

Sign up for Bluehost (discount + free domain name)

The next thing you want to do is set up the WordPress blog onto your domain name. This job will take another five minutes. Here is easy to write step by step tutorial:

Now you have got your WordPress blog geared up. You just want to make a few adjustments including setting up permalinks, updating the ping list, setting up dialogue settings, and many others. Don’t worry, it’s not technical and you could quickly do it with the assist of the guide under:

Here are some greater things which you want to study before transferring to the next level.

This will help you to move through the whole things quicker and without getting stuck anywhere in between.

Use these guides as your reference:

With most of all of the above steps completed, you have graduated from newbie to beginner!

Now it’s time to pimp up your blog with some crucial and most important things. Here they are:

  • Burn your blog feed using the Feedburner (this could permit your readers to enroll in your blog through RSS feed or email updates.)
  • Including Google Analytics to your WordPress blog (this is critical because it’s right here that you’ll be able to see how a whole lot traffic you are getting and in which it’s all coming from.)
  • Set up Google tag manager (Basically, it’s a little bit professional-tip, however, you need to read it and apply it right now. this will help you to control all tags, along with the Google analytics tag, from one place.)
  • Update WordPress ping list (visit this essential post/link and copy/paste the given list as described. This could help you to get extra traffic on your blog.)

Beginner Tips and Tricks to Running a Successful Blog Like Pro:

The most common and major mistakes that many new bloggers make after creating a WordPress blog is that they don’t hassle to put some of the major settings that can create a very big difference.

So these few setups will assist out in each factor of your new website and each step won’t take more than five minutes or just a few minutes.

Therefore, if you have any confusion, you could drop me an e-mail at admin@SEOEZY.com, and I will try my best to reply to your question within 24 hours.

Now it’s time to install some useful WordPress plugins which are almost very important or in other words, they are the backbone of your blog:

So Most Useful Plugins are Here

  • Activate the Akismet plugin (you may want the Akismet API key. This WordPress tutorial will help you get your free API key and train you how to add it to your blog.)
  • Install and activate the world best WordPress SEO by Yoast Search Engine Optimization Tool (It’s an absolutely free plugin to make your blog SEO friendly. This is pretty clean to do and if you stuck at any step, just drop me a comment and I will assist you at that time.)
  • Shortpixel WordPress plugin (Compresses pictures to your blog. critical for maintaining a fast search engine friendly website.)
  • WP Fastest Cache plugin (This very useful plugin is important for making your website or blog load quicker. But make sure you don’t use another cache plugin with this one.)
  • No self-ping WordPress plugin (Don’t ping you!)
  • WordPress related post plugins (Use any of these plugins to add related posts with thumbnails after each post. This can assist your readers to find out extra contents on your blog.)
  • SocialWarfare WordPress plugin (These will support you to get greater shares on social media.)
  • OptinMonster plugin (This will hook email leads for your auto-responder carriers such as MailChimp, Aweber, and many others. It’s responsive and offers to get ready to use options in forms.)
  • PushEngage (Just a free WordPress plugin but highly recommended, it makes your blog net-push ready.)

WordPress SEO: From Beginner to Intermediate Level

Welcome here: These steps are going to create the largest difference for your WordPress blog. You may need approximately one hour to learn everything right here. If you have been studying and imposing everything continuously to this point, take a break! Come back with a fresh and clean mind to know everything and stand as a professional blogger with this WordPress tutorial.

  • A DIY guide for WordPress blog SEO
  • How to SEO Optimize each post in WordPress
  • Right way to submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool
  • How to submit your blog sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tool

WordPress Professional Guidelines:

Therefore, here are few suggestions and recommendations for WordPress bloggers who want to work with WordPress for a long-term and want to get some great advanced hints.

  • How to reduce or decrease database size of your blog
  • WP Link Status Pro plugin (Fix Broken Links & Manage Redirects): This plugin will locate all broken hyperlinks (internally and externally) and quickly fix and restore them.

WordPress protection and Security:

  • How to change WordPress default username for safety and security
  • 7 crucial or essential WordPress protection tips and tricks
  • 9 steps to better secure your WordPress blog
Just let us know in case you need to feature out any other precise WordPress topics into this WordPress tutorial. Don’t forget to share this unique WordPress tutorial and join our email newsletter for more helpful guidelines, tips, and tricks!

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