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Whenever we think about starting a blog, at that time we are confused just because we don’t have any idea which blog platform is better for blogging.

Although, so many alternatives are there. A number of options like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Ghost are very popular.

And, the first step is selecting which blog platform to use depends on the type of blog that you want to create and what you want to do with your blog.

In case if you are going to blogging just for fun, or want to work as a regular blogger, you could use WordPress.com, BlogSpot or Tumblr as a blog platform, as they are totally free and quite very easy and clean to manipulate.

When you are running a blog to promote your business, or to make money, it is no doubt best to use a professional blog platform such as WordPress.org.

In the guide, I will inform you all about what WordPress is, and I will discuss for you the variation between those two editions of WordPress. This could help you to understand which WordPress platform can be nice for you.

What is the WordPress platform?

WordPress was started early as a blogging tool, and later, it developed into a complete CMS.

The first release of WordPress launched in the year 2003, as an open source licensed under GPLV2. Over the last 10 years, WordPress has developed into one of the famous blog platforms for developing websites and blogs.

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is a software sponsored by using their parent agency Automattic. Which additionally offers many WordPress associated services and products.

It consisting of Gravatar, WordPress.com, JetPack, VideoPress, VaultPress, WordPress VIP and many others.

There are two vital things to know regarding WordPress:

The One is themes

WordPress Themes:

Unlike the basic site designers we know of, WordPress is sponsored via a large community of freelance creators. Designers and improvement organizations supplying free and premium WordPress themes.

There are big challenges for a webmaster of any website these days is to create a website or blog with the unique best design. And WordPress themes rise to that venture very well.

Everyone can download free WordPress themes from the professional and official WordPress store, or from other company’s websites. You can additionally pay a little bit of cash for a premium theme marketplace.

With few clicks of a button, you could exchange the design and look for your theme. WordPress can be used to create a blog or a single page website.

Most of the theme aspect makes it honestly smooth for everyone to start a website without any prior coding knowledge.

WordPress Plugins:

Basic work on a WordPress plugins is to extend the standard functions of the WordPress software.

They help to add new and nice unique features to your WordPress websites. there can be a WordPress plugin for almost the whole lot. All you need to do is find a plugin (capabilities) which you need to your WordPress website.

Furthermore, when you add the choosy plugin, you’re adding those features or functions to your website.

Due to the huge and massive quantity of WordPress plugins available. WP website creator might be confused that which plugin to use and which one is best for his website. For this purpose, it’s a great idea to observe and follow the guide like this one.

Essential and vital WordPress Plugins for every blog.

You can download WordPress plugins from the official plugin directory or from many other plugin corporations or developers.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org: What is the basic difference?

WordPress offers two different versions of their software, they are WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is well known as a “self-hosted WordPress blog”


WordPress.com is one of the best free blogging platform presented by Automattic, which allows everyone to make or create a blog without any cost.

So, when you make a blog on WordPress.com, you can get a web address like this one “UrDesireName.wordpress.com”. Your blog will be hosted on the WordPress server. This blog platform is perfect for someone who desires to have a blog sincerely for the reason of hosting his or her private or personal writings.

There are so many paid add-ons available, and you can buy custom domains names and use paid themes not cracked one and that’s it.

On WordPress.com, however, you will have many restrictions in terms of handling your blog.

There are two massive limitations:

  • You cannot install 3rd party plugins
  • You have constrained or limited theme choices or alternatives

From the perspective of a non-public blog, but, It’s not a terrible option because the WordPress team takes care of handling your blog’s architecture and backup.

WordPress.com is excellent for:

  • Individuals that want to start a personal magazine kind blog
  • Corporations wanting to have an internet area for bulletins, in which elements like design and branding are not important or vital

WordPress.com is not good for:

  • Persons that are planning to make cash from a blog
  • Organizations using a content material advertising blog as their advertising channel
  • Individuals want full control over their internet website (FTP, custom code, custom plugins, and etc etc.)
  • Everyone wants to apply ad networks like AdSense or Infolinks
  • People looking to create a blog for associate advertising purposes, in other words for affiliate marketing purposes.

WordPress.org: Self-hosted blog platform

WordPress.org is no doubt a complete solution for people who want to start a blog for the reason of making money, for promoting a small business, or for any other related use which includes making a business e-commerce website.

To use WordPress.org, download a fresh copy of WordPress with latest updates from WordPress official download page and install it on your purchased website hosting server.

Since WordPress.org is one of the world’s most popular platforms, many web hosting companies offer a custom explanation or scripts like Fantastico which helps you to install WordPress with just in one click.

Let’s have a look at features of WordPress.org blog Platform:

WordPress.org and WordPress.com have similar user interfaces dashboard. WordPress.org removes all of the restrictions of WordPress.com and gives you complete control at the blog.

  • You can create a custom theme and also install 3rd party themes
  • You can also install 3rd party plugins
  • Monetize it as you like it to monetize (Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, in-text content ads, paid reviews, and many others according to your basic need and choice)

Here is a chart showing both blog platform, a number of differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org:

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

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